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About your recommend item…: I like to buy Classic pieces of the same items and then wear them out and then replace.I like the same jeans from Kapital . I wear them until they fall apart. Then replace. I have six pairs which I rotate.I like the same white button down shirt from Kamakura Shirts. I order 3 at a time..I like the same shoes..Alden Cordovan Plain Toe Blucher.. Black and Color 8. Oxblood.

Price…:I am lucky to get discount sometimes..

Place you bought…:Either New York or Tokyo. (I don’t like to shop in London) I prefer to buy clothing when I travel….

What made you buy this item, what attracts you? …:They Are Classic.
このアイテムを買った理由は? どんなところがあなたを惹きつけましたか?:自分の定番であること。そして、クラシック(流行り廃りのない)であることです。

The point of your selection…:I feel comfortable wearing the same outfit regulary.

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(If it is repeat item…)How long have you used regularly for? What number is this…:Many Years…

(If it is replacement…)What did you use last time? What made you change the item?
(もし繰り返し買い直しているなら)最後に何を使いましたか? そのアイテムの替えどきは?:ほぼ毎日着用しているので、、、替え時はデニムなら破れたら買い換えます。

When (what kind of occasion) do you use or wear it? …:Everyday..

Who do you recommend to? …:Everybody…

※Questionnaires about fashion:

What is your ‘My’ Standard style? …:American/English..worn out..

What is your standard item? From which brand? …:As above..
定番アイテムといえば? どこのブランドのもの?:上に挙げたものたち(キャピタル、鎌倉シャツ、オールデン・コートヴァン)

What is your repeat item? From which brand? …:Alden shoes.. Kapital Jeans… Kamakura button down shirt..
リピートアイテムといえば? どこのブランドのもの?:オールデンのシューズ、キャピタルのジーンズ、鎌倉シャツのボタンダウンシャツ。

Which store you often visit and check? …:I try to hunt down new interesting stores where ever I go.

Which brand are you interesting recently? …:I like J.Crew plain pocket T.Shirt at the moment..I just bought 6 different colour.

And why? …:The are Classic.

What is the trendiest thing in your country? …:My Wife..

What is the newest (or hottest) spot in your country? …:Difficult question….Maybe Content Store in London.
あなたの国で最新(あるいは一番人気のある)スポットといえば?:難しい質問ですが……多分ロンドンにある「Content Store」かな。

What is your boom about food? …:I have stopped eating wheat..So a lot of Salad and Fruit.

What do you think is the difference of fashion between your country and Japan? …: Fashion in the Uk now has been taken over by cheap high Street Stores.. The Small independant shops are getting eatern up ,as they cannot pay the high rents now.. This affects everything.. The people I know are looking abroad for labels from the internet.

Please give us a comment about Japanese fashion scene. …: I love the smaller guys in the business. The attention to detail is beutifull. They tend to sell what they love and are not under pressure to grow and grow as in the Uk.

Thank you!


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